Revitalise & Re-Energise

Are you scared to take a holiday? Scared of what may happen when you are away?
Worried about how many opportunities you may have lost, how much money you could have made?

Are you consumed with work and deadlines? Or do you love taking holidays, recognising that taking time out for holidays will help you re-energise, bring fresh ideas and a unique spark to your role, that others will appreciate and learn from.

Our tailored tours help you meet some or all of your mandatory CPD requirements whilst you take pleasure in an immersive, authentic and stimulating travel experience. Others will be worried that you won’t come back, not that you are away from the office.

Upcoming Adventures


A Baltic Adventure

23 September - 8 October 2018

Join us for an adventurous and revitalising 16-day experience visiting the magnificent Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Be captivated by what the Baltics offer, sights and activities not offered by other countries in East or East Central Europe.

Upcoming Trips

Coming Soon
  • The Ghan and Red Centre
  • Cayman Islands and Cuba
  • Machu Picchu and Galapagos
  • Nordic Winter Wonders
  • Balkans – Picturesque Adventure
  • Fascinating Japan
  • Cycle Exotic Thailand
  • Stay Updated

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Packing List

It has often been suggested when packing for your trip, Pack your suitcase then unpack it and take 50% of it out and that is what you need to take. Easier said than done? Here is a basic list to download that can be amended as needed.


Immunisations vary from country to country and we strongly recommend you visit your local doctor or contact the Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centre ( to discuss health requirements for your trip. These organisations will advise you about appropriate inoculations. In some places anti-malaria medication may also be required. Some vaccines need to be administered a few weeks before departure, so allow plenty of time. It is also important that you obtain a certificate of vaccination to bring on your trip. Please note that in some cases a certificate of vaccination is compulsory in order to obtain a visa.

How you can be a responsible traveller

At Conference Travel Club we are committed to responsible tourism. We acknowledge that while tourism provides locals in many countries with income to improve their standard of living, it can also affect their culture and environment. Therefore, to lessen our impact we need your cooperation.

The following are some suggestions we would like to make of a general nature. We encourage all travellers to do some research on the destination and culture you’re visiting. This greatly helps you get an overview of that particular place so that you can adapt yourself to its environment and people.

  1. We all come from different social and cultural backgrounds so please keep in mind that what you consider normal behaviour may be extremely offensive to others. So please be sensitive and show respect to locals and their customs. For example, although dress is generally quite casual on our tours, you may be required to dress appropriately when visiting religious establishments.
  2. Taking photos is the norm among tourists, yet in certain areas people consider it taboo or bad luck. Therefore, when in doubt, politely ask if you may take a photograph.
  3. Plans do go askew sometimes and when things don’t go as planned, try to smile because it can not only improve your mood but also reduce the tension. Smiling goes a long way anywhere in the world.
  4. It is recommended you don’t buy products or souvenirs that endanger wildlife species and their habitats. It is illegal to bring wildlife products into Australia, e.g. ivory, tiger skins, etc.

What communication facilities will be available?

Communication facilities are always improving globally. Many hotels and public places have Wi-Fi so it’s usually possible to keep in touch with home every couple of days, if you so desire. In remote places, you will not be able to communicate as readily. Phone cards are easy to get your hands on; just make sure your phone is unlocked before you travel. Or in many countries, the cheapest way to make a phone call is at an internet cafe.

How can friends and family contact you?

If family and friends are unable to contact you in an emergency through email or phone, they can contact Conference Travel Club directly on 1300 764 097.

Will my mobile work?

We can never guarantee your phone will work as desired. Chat to your phone provider before you leave about global roaming and the costs involved, and get their advice on the coverage you’ll receive in the places you’re travelling in. Alternatively, you can usually pick up a local sim card on the cheap (just make sure you phone is unlocked!).

Will I get internet coverage?

Some places have Wi-Fi hot spots everywhere and other places will have no coverage at all.

Are the conferences tax deductible?

Claiming a tax deduction for overseas conferences and related travel can be a complicated issue. Whether claiming a personal deduction as a self-education expense or through your practice as a business expense, you should always consult your accountant or tax advisor.

What happens if I get sick overseas?

If you are injured or become ill on a trip, you may be on a plane, a ship, or in a foreign country when your health crisis strikes. If you are unfamiliar with the area in which you are traveling, or unfamiliar with the local language, it can be tricky to find a medical care provider who can help, so it’s important for travellers to understand some basic rules and steps to follow.

If you are treated in a medical facility that is not contracted by your health insurance, you may be responsible for 100% of the costs. If you have travel insurance with medical coverage, you may be reimbursed for those costs or your travel insurance company may make arrangements to pay the hospital directly.

A copy of your travel insurance policy will be supplied to Conference Travel Club prior to departure so their representatives will have the details of who to contact if the need should arise.

Before you leave

Credit Cards

Before you leave, call your bank or card company and let them know you’ll be using the card abroad. That way they won’t freeze your card for unusual activity when you try to use your cards across the world. Also, scan copies of your card and bank details and save them in a cloud storage platform like Dropbox or Google Drive. That way, if something happens to your cards, you’ll be able to access copies from your smartphone or any web-enabled device.


Get some local currency in Australia for the countries you are visiting as some countries require cash payments for entry visa’s and to use public bathrooms and other incidentals.


Suspend your mail delivery and while you’re at it, gym membership, yoga classes and anything else that extracts weekly or monthly fees.

House / Pet Sitter

Need a house or pet sitter: try Aussie House Sitters (, Mad Paws ( or Happy House Sitters (, and don’t leave it until the last minute.

Communicating when you don't speak the language

Perhaps you’re apprehensive about going someplace where you don’t speak the language. Don’t be. Unfamiliarity with the local language hasn’t stopped countless travellers from having the trip of their lives.

Learn a few words or sentences ahead of time, like please, thank you, hello, goodbye, how much, or where is the bathroom. If nothing else, your efforts will endear locals and show them you’re trying. Write down the names and addresses of your hotel and any attractions you’re planning on visiting. Keep those with you so you can refer to them easily. Leverage language apps, phrasebooks and dictionaries.

Some apps like iTranslate Voice and Google Translate can even translate while you speak. Google Translate will also translate signs when you hold up your smartphone and click the camera button.

Register with DFAT - Smart Traveller

We recommend you set up an account and register your travel details with You can remain informed on all the latest information on overseas destinations and prepare accordingly.

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